Series Scoring Guidelines

Individual Competition

You must be registered for the series to be included in the individual and team competitions. Series registration is done on

The MASS has three individual series competitions consisting of the Cross Country Series, the Endurance Series and the Enduro series. Points will be awarded based on finishing position according to the points schedules. Age-graded classes are determined by your racing age. Your racing age is defined as your age on December 31st of the current year.  To explain –  for classes like U19 (Under 19) the racer CANNOT turn 19 in the current race year.  Same for U15 (Under 15), the racer CANNOT turn 15 in the current year.  Parents – please take note of this for your juniors. 

The Cross Country Series will (hopefully) consist of 11 XC races. Your best 7 races will be counted towards the XC series championships.

The Endurance Series will tentatively consist of 9 endurance & marathon races. Your best 6 races will be counted towards the Endurance series championships.

The Enduro Series will tentatively consist of 5 enduro races. Your best 4 races will be counted towards the Enduro series championships.

Series Awards – Series Class winners will be awarded a series champions jersey. In most classes 2nd and 3rd in each class will receive an award or trophy except in classes with less than 10 series registered racers. In those classes only a series champions jersey will be awarded

Cancellations & Tie-breakers –

If a race has to be cancelled the number of races scored may or may not be reduced by 1 race for each cancelled race.

In the case of any ties at the end of a series, we will first look at who has the most 1st places, 2nd places, etc. If that is also a tie we will then look to see who did better in head-to-head competition. If that too is a tie the finals will be the tie breaker.

Team Competition –

MASS registered teams will again be competing for the Team Awards. The team competition is a great way to stimulate more interest and incentive to ride, train and work together for a common goal. All team riders must be registered MASS racers and the Team Director must register all riders on their team before the deadline for team registration.

Team awards will be as follows:

  • Open Team – This category is designed to pit the best riders against the best riders. Any number of riders in any ability level (Category) can be on an Open roster.
  • Grassroots Team – Cat 2 and Cat 3 riders only. Any number of riders can be on a Grassroots roster.
Endurance Team – any number of riders, any ability.
Enduro Team – any number of riders, any ability.

The team competition is open to any group (bike shop affiliation, club, jersey, etc) that would like to participate in the team competition. A shop, club, etc. can have a team in both the Open and Grassroots categories but each racer can only be on one of the rosters. For MASS team competitions, a racer can only be affiliated with one team.

Team Managers will be given instruction on how to enter their team roster on the MASS website  To score team points a racer must be registered for the series on BikeReg and on a team roster prior to the race in which the racer will be eligible for team points.

The team competition will be scored as follows:

Each race will have a team competition within the event.  The results of this competition will result in team points towards the Team Cup Series.  The team’s finishing position of each race will carry a point value as outlined below.  At the end of the series, the teams with the most points will be awarded the MASS Team Cup Trophies.  The team results of the race will be made available AFTER each race, and will not be known at the event.

Team Points Schedule

1st Place – 10 points

2nd Place – 9 points

3rd Place – 8 points

4th Place – 7 points

5th Place – 6 points

6th Place – 5 points

7th Place – 4 points

8th Place – 3 points

9th place – 2 points

10th place or higher – 1 point