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Series scoring update – for the XC series we will score the best 4 of 6 races. For the Enduro and Endurance series’ it will be best 4 of 5 races in each series. We will not be awarding series champion jerseys this year because of the reduced season and low number of series registered racers. We are working on some custom medals.

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Prior years race results are available HERE. Enter a race name in the search box.

Series Registration will open HERE on February 1st.  Our 2020 Schedule is now posted on our Facebook group HERE

Glen Park – Final Round Enduro Video – click HERE

New to Mountain Bike Racing? – a good article to read HERE


Racing Age change for XC Juniors – Racing Age is determined by your age on December 31st of the current year – Except for XC Juniors, their racing age will be their age on September 1st of the current year. This will apply to juniors racing the XC junior classes only. It will not apply to juniors racing in Cat 2, Cat 1 or Open and it will not apply to Enduro U19.  When registering for the races make sure you select the proper age class.  Parents – please take note of this for your juniors.

MASS team registration will open in mid-April.  Once it opens team captains can email [email protected] and I will get you the login for the team registration section of the scoring system. If you are a new team I need to know what team type you will be, Grassroots or Open. Grassroots teams have no Expert/Cat 1 or Pro riders. Racers need to be registered for the series so they show up in the team registration page.

A quick reminder on Series Registration and BikeReg. You must use the same BikeReg profile login for series registration and each race registration. This is important for proper series scoring and series plate assignments. Your profile has a unique ID number we use to assign plates and score you and your team points for the series. Please do not register using a GUEST profile on BikeReg. Also, be aware of what team you have in your BikeReg profile. That will show up on the Who’s Registered list on BikeReg and it will also show up in the results we post on-line for the XC races when you pre-reg for a race. Your team name in BikeReg has nothing to do with series team scoring. That is handled by the team assignments done by team captains when I give them access to the scoring system.