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6/27/16 - With the cancellation of the Bike Line XC we will now count the best 5 XC races for the XC series.

5/10/16 - Team Registration is now open. Same procedure as the last few years. Team captains/directors can email me and I will give you the link to the team reg page and an access code for your team. When you email me for that login I need to know your team name and team type. We have 2 team types, Open - all categories/abilities of riders. Grassroots - no Expert/Cat 1 or Pro riders.

Since we had to reschedule some races we will keep team reg open until the Guys Race on June 25th. I suggest waiting until this Friday to start assigning team members because the last import I did was Rattling. I will import again Friday for Ramsey's. That will bring the team assignment system current. You can return to that team page and continue assigning riders until we close it down June 25th

Team Captains/Directors - if you requested access last year and still have that email from me you can use that link and code, it has not changed.

For the team login email me at

Most updates and information will be posted to the MASS facebook group first.  If you are not a member please request membership:

2016 Series registration is now open on BikeReg

2016 MASS schedule - 

Sat April 2nd - MASS Relay, Marysville
Sun April 10th - Rattling Creek Endurance

Sat May 14th - Ramsey's Revence XC

Sun Sunday May 22nd - Bike Line XC Opener, Fair Hill - rescheduled

Sun May 15th - Pocono Enduro
Sat June 4th - Bear Creek Enduro
Sun June 5th - Bear Creek XC
Sun June 5th - Bearscat 50 Endurance
Sat June 11th - Trailmix Endurance, State College
Sat June 25th - Guy's XC, new date
Sun June 26th - Steel City Enduro
Sun July 10th - D&Q Summer Sizzler
Sat July 16th - Granogue
Sun July 24th - Iron Hill XC & Endurance

Sun July 31st - Stoudt's Summerfest Team Relay

Sun August 21st - French Creek XC & Endurance - rescheduled

Sat Aug 27th - XC & Endurance Finals, Marysville

Sun Oct 30th - Raven Enduro - finals, State College

XC/Endurance Finals will probably be a weekend event with Night Time Trial Friday night and the Cross relay on Sunday.

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Sun, Oct 30, 2016
Raven Enduro - Finals
State College, PA